Rotterdam Sportsupport strives to foster a quality sport climate in Rotterdam. The organisation is committed to developing vital sports clubs, making sports accessible to all residents and is constantly looking for new ways to use sport as an instrument to achieve other social goals.

Club support

Ever since its foundation in 2003, Rotterdam Sportsupport has focused on the managerial, organisational and financial support of the Rotterdam sports clubs. Club support covers all issues with which sports clubs are confronted, from organisational and policy issues to club accommodation and from fundraising and member recruitment to legal issues. We try to find an appropriate solution for every request that reaches Rotterdam Sportsupport. Whether this is a practical manual or the one-to-one support of a club consultant, the purpose of our activities is always to strengthen sports clubs.

Rotterdam Sportsupport offers sports clubs support on various issues including, but not limited to:

  • Organisation & policy
  • Administration
  • Sponsorship
  • Promotion & events
  • Membership recruitment & loyalty
  • Rules & regulations
  • Volunteers
  • Disabled sports

Sport as an instrument

Organisations such as the City of Rotterdam, nongovernmental organisations (NGO’s) and local businesses recognize sport as an important instrument to respond to social issues such as the health and participation of Rotterdam residents. For sport – and sports clubs in particular – to work effectively to accomplish this, Rotterdam Sportsupport has expanded its services since 2005 with ‘sport as an instrument’. The School Sports Club is a prime example of this service. The project builds bridges between sport, education and liveable neighbourhoods. Each year more than 2500 kids who previously did not exercise, find their way to sports clubs. In addition, the School Sports Club brought about positive social effects such as healthier and more sociable children and an increased quality of life in neighbourhoods.

For ‘sport as an instrument’ Rotterdam Sportsupport connects sports clubs with organisations in other realms. One of the aims is to respond in the best possible way to the sports needs of the local population, and another aim is to contribute in a positive way to the objectives of many parties outside the sport realm. Rotterdam Sportsupport joins forces with other organisations to make optimum use of the connecting power of sport. By linking sports with sectors such as healthcare and employment, our organisation wants to give new impulses to sports and these sectors.

Sport for all Rotterdam residents

To respond to the growing social demand for sport, Rotterdam Sportsupport not only supports sports clubs but also works to develop them socially. With its club support Rotterdam Sportsupport fosters ambitious and solid clubs equipped to respond to the (social) demands of their environment. Our organisation aims to help several Rotterdam clubs develop into multifunctional sports associations. This way, we come one step closer to reaching our goal of providing sports facilities for all residents and respond to the social ambitions of dozens of clubs in Rotterdam.